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Oh No! My Baby Stole My Hair!


Black Women: The Whoas of Post Partum Hair Loss: By Habakkuk Cooper

Pregnancy can be an exciting adventure, but that roller coaster can cause a whirlwind of hair issues. More often than we know, Black women experience some type of hair loss after giving birth. Is this Normal? Yes! Post Partum Hair loss aka "Postpartum Shedding" is a form of ALopecia Telogen Effluvium) (in which a temporary amount of excessive shedding can occur approximately 1-6 months after giving birth. The good news is that your hair will usually grow back within a year's time. Why is this happening to me? Well, that's a good question. Unfortunately, after pregnacy the amount of estrogen levels can drop significantly, trauma to the hair, thyroid disorders or anemia (low levels of iron), and the fact that you may not be properly taking care of your hair (hairstyles that bring tension to the scalp and hair). In other words..the braids and high ponytails may be convenient and cute, but not so good for the hair sis.

What can I do to stop this? 1. A good diet that include Fatty Fish, Avocados and Eggs (which are good sources of protein); Leafy Vegetables such as Green Vegetables (particularly Kale and Spinach since it is high in Zinc, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Pottasium and Vitamins such as A, C, E and K. Eat fruits such as Strawberries and Blueberries-since they are loaded with vitamins and promote hair growth. Also taking supplements such as Biotin and Vitamin B Complex are essential to combat hair loss. 2. Don't Panic, your body is going through some things chile. Breathe in and Say it with me..."I will be okay", then breathe out. Are you good now? No? Okay, then let's try this...Watch a funny movie in order to get into a good mood, Ask God to make it to where your man or husband can carry the baby on the next round, take prenatal vitamins before and after pregnancy, drink plenty of water and use hair care products that can bring thickness, fullness and length back to your hair. Also, be sure to avoid hair products that contain chemicals. Now, this advice should definitely work (smile).

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I just want to say...So what! Your Baby stole your hair. The upside is that He or She also stole your heart. Don't let hair loss put you in a stressful or frustrated state of mind. Enjoy every moment with that beautiful baby of yours! Hair loss can be replaced, but those beautiful moments cannot. Happy Hair Growing-God Bless You, Beautifull Gro

Need more tips or advice from a Hair loss expert? Read this article: Hair Loss in Black Women: Tips from An Expert" by Crystal Ugochi Aguh, M.D

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