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QUestions on Hair Growth Products?

  • Does these products work for other types of Alopecia?
    Beautifull Gro hair growth products works on Traction Alopecia; Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, Chemotherapy induced Alopecia, and in some case (not all)-Scarring Alopecia if your follicles are not permanently damaged.
  • How long will I be before I begin to see results for hair growth?
    Usually, you can expect to see results of at least 1-2 inches within 60 days of use. Results may vary depending on your hair condition, age, pre or post pregnancy, use of prescribed medications, heredity, and consistency use of products.
  • How long does a 2 oz bottle of oil or creme last?
    At least 2-3 weeks depending on the amount of use, and amount of hair. recommended use is 3-5 days a week/once a day.
  • Will I get my money back if I do not like your product?
    We now offer a "60 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee" if you do not see results of at least 1 inch of hair growth within your 60 days of use. Before and after photos are required upon receiving this offer. Photos can be sent to and contact the owner: 404-333-8201 via phone or text prior to sending photos.
  • How long is shipping?
    We will typically ship orders within two days after order has been received. Once shipped by USPS, Beautifull Gro is not responsible for delayed delivery times; therefore, please contact USPS for your updates after tracking number has been provided. Standard shipping is usually 3-7 days. Priority is usually delivered within 2-3 days. International standard shipping/delivery is usually 10-20 days.
  • Can I use these products on my toddler?
    It is not recommended to use the stimulating hair growth oil or sulfate free shampoo for children under the age of 5 due to the contents of peppermint oil and rosemary oil; however, it is okay to use the moisturizing crème and Conditioner for children of all ages(including infants). Please consult with physician first before using on child due to possible allergic reactions, scalp conditions, etc.
  • How often should I use these hair growth products?
    It is recommended that you use these products at least 3-5 days a week/once a day).
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