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Natural Hair oils


About Beautifull Gro

Beautifull Gro is a Female Black-Owned Hair Care/Hair Growth Company that was founded in May 2019. The company was created to establish an All Natural Hair Care Brand that would target women who were struggling with issues of Hair loss and Hair thinning, Beautifull Gro hair growth products targets problems of Alopecia-which has affected more than 30 million women in the United States. Beautifull Gro products are formulated to help women, men and children, and are made only with 100% Natural/Organic/Vegan ingredients that can help the hair to grow at a rapid rate by stimulating the hair follicles, and moisturizing the scalp.

Beautifull Gro hair growth products is the perfect hair care system that can assist with  promising hair growth, since it stimulates the hair follicles, increases hair thickness and fullness, reduces itching scalp and dandruff, and promotes rapid hair growth. These natural products also helps to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. It can become an alternative to the many expensive hair restoration/hair transplant procedures such as micro-grafting, punch grafting, slit grafting, scalp reduction, and PRP . These prodcts are home-made and made with love. 

***Disclaimer: Beautifull Gro highly recommends consulting with your physician/dermatologist to determine whether or not your scalp is permanently damaged before using these products. If you experience any redness/swelling, burning or irritation, please seek help immediately. A patch test is highly recommended before use. Beautifull Gro is not responsible for any hair damage done to the hair or scalp due to its misuse, overuse, or unknown allergies/issues of the consumer. It is the customer's responsibility to become educated about his/her scalp or hair before use. These products are for external use ONLY, and should not be consumed. keep out of reach of children, and do not use growth oil for children under the age of 5.

CEO/Owner of Beautifull Gro as Featured on FOX, CBS and NBC news
CEO/Owner of Beautifull Gro as featured on FOX, CBS and NBC news
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