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Free Your Hair From Sulfates: Why Use Sulfate-Free Products

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Author: Habakkuk Cooper, CEO/Owner of Beautifull Gro

Let me start by saying that type 4 hair can be a struggle to work with, so why bother buying products that simply dry out your hair even more? Ladies, can we talk about Hair wash day for a minute please? It's a part time job, so please don't bother us on that day because you might get a few words that aren't so very cute. lol! Shampoo day for us type 4 hair-especially 4c comes in stages: Stage1: The thought of washing your hair (Yes! It starts out as a mental struggle). Stage 2: Shopping for the right Shampoo and Conditioner (Sulfate Free for me because we need to keep as much Natural oils and Moisture in our hair as possible). Shampoos that can contain Sulfates can easily dry out your 4c hair and damage your hair strands. Stage 3: The Detangle before the wash (because chile...). Stage 4: It's time to dive into the Wash! Stage 5: After the wash, we must now section off out hair to start the process of detangling again. Stage 6: Wash again! Stage 7: Add Pounds of Conditioner. Stage 8: Detangle once again. Stage 9: leave Conditioner on hair for at least 1 hour or longer for deep conditioning and dread the next stage of Stage 10: Rinsing and parting again to add oils to hair (Hopefully you're using natural oils). Now Sulfate free Shampoos may not lather as good as Shampoos that contains sulfates, but at least your scalp won't be irritated, you get to retain your natural oils, and moisture, and your hair strands will be stronger. The goal is to keep as much hair as you can for as long as you can.

Sulfate Free Shampoos are a great way to promote longer, beautiful, healthier hair since it contains excellent nutrients that provides lots of moisture to the scalp; it can prevent and significantly reduce shedding and hair breakage and does a great job of thoroughly cleansing the scalp. Additional pluses with using Sulfate free Shampoos and Conditioners on 4C and other hair types is that it can be used on natural hair, color treated hair, chemically treated hair, individuals with sensitive scalps and children since they are extremely gentle on the scalp. FYI: Shampoos and Conditioners that contain sulfates may be cheaper, but they can cause hair thinning, dries out your hair and scalp, and can cause extreme damage to the hair and scalp over time...YIKES!

My job is to help save you from waking up one morning and looking in the mirror to see that one side of your hair is much thinner than the other, or even worse, you now see a small bald spot that wasn't there before. The point is to stay away from hair products that contain sulfates or chemicals because they harm your hair-whether it is three months later or three years later, you will regret using them. Proper hair care is important and choosing the right products for your hair is part of the process. Yes! Hair Wash Day is not something that we women look forward to, but at least you have hair to wash. Let's make better choices when it comes to our hair. You can find an excellent choice of a Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner by Beautifull Gro at: Click the link:

Also, check out this article with Fustany! Click here: Happy Hair Growing!

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