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Should I Wash My Braids, Dreads or Twists?

Somewhere in the atmosphere there is a myth floating around saying: "The dirtier your hair is, the better chances of your hair growing". Imagine having a scalp filled with dirt, dandruff, oil buildup or product build up for 2-3 months or longer while you have braids, twists or dreads. This is not okay, and although this myth may appear to have some type of validity to it, it's simply not true. In order for your hair to grow in a healthy manner, it is important that you start with a clean, healthy scalp. Some individuals may try to avoid washing his/her hair with these protective styles in order for the style to last longer or he/she may not know if it is okay to wash your hair with these types of styles.

We all love a protective style that we can just wake up, shower, dress and go as opposed to spending an extra 30 minutes to an hour just on hair, but not washing your hair the entire time you have braids/dreads or twists is not it my love. Remember, when wearing these styles, most times, the hairstylists has added synthetic hair-which can begin to cut into your real hair and causing your real hair to break off. This is why it is important to wash and condition your hair at least 2-3 weeks after getting these styles, along with making sure that your scalp stays moisturized every single day or as needed (depending on your hair type). Staying on top of this hair care regime can help prevent your real hair from thinning, balding or having dry/itchy scalp.

Washing your dreads, twists or braids would be the same as washing your own hair. There is no need for a professional to perform this service unless you simply don't feel comfortable doing it yourself or you just don't have the time. Either way, your hair needs to be washed and conditioned without waiting for months to do it. This type of behavior can cause bigger scalp issues such as lice, excessive dandruff and other types of icky issues in the scalp. If you're wondering why you're losing a dread/braid or two every other month and you're hair has not grown after wearing braids for 2-3 months, it could be because of improper hair care or lack thereof.

I'm all about saving time with these protective styles chile, but you the goal is to to keep your hair while doing it. Dreads, twists and braids can cause Alopecia and thinning hair if you don't take care of it properly. If you want a super clean, refreshing scalp, my recommendations would be to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Beautifull Gro Natural Hair care/Hair growth products is an awesome black owned hair care line that will get the job done. It has a wonderful Peppermint and Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate Free Shampoo and Sulfate Free Conditioner that will double clean, refreshen and moisturize the hair and scalp. There is also a great vegan stimulating hair growth oil and natural hair growth creme that you can use to retain length, grow your hair healthier, and keep your hair moisturized and smelling like peppermint and mangos. I hope this helps!

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