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Help! Why Isn't My Hair Growing?

As I sit back and look at my photos of when I was a child and throughout my teenage years, I see long tresses of my thick and flowing natural hair. I'm thinking to myself...What in the hell happened to my hair? It hasn't grown since I became an adult. What did I do wrong? I've waited for years, and it's probably grown two inches. Come to think about it, I did put a relaxer in my hair when I was 20 because I was tired of dealing with my the struggles of my natural hair. You know...all the fun stuff like the hours of detangling, using tons of shampoo and conditioner just to make sure that it's properly clean, taking forever to think of a hair style without adding all of the heat or just taking all day just to flat iron my iron into the perfect hair style. My goodness! The thought of taking care of my 4C hair was torturous.

Fast forward. I'm in the beauty supply store looking for some bobby pins to pin up my hair, and I just so happen to walk pass the relaxers. My mind was telling me no, but my hair was telling me yessssssss! lol. Unfortunately, my hair won, and boy was she wrong! I went home and contemplated for hours on whether or not I should commit this hair suicide. I finally did it. I parted my hair into four sections, and started from the back while working my way up to the front until my hair was completely covered with relaxer. I sat there for 25 minutes while the relaxer began to sink into my scalp and hair strands, and thought...What am I doing? It was too late now, the damage was done. As I'm washing the chemicals out of my hair, I began to feel a different hair texture. This texture felt light. My scalp finally felt relieved from all of the heaviness of what God originally blessed me with. Although, I felt a slight sense of reget, I was happy to be relieved from all of the future work of dealing with my 4C hair. As I looked in the mirror for my final results, that sense of guilt slowly disappeared, and a smiled appeared. Oh my God this is so dope! I thought. My hair was now easier to tame, and I was able to do any style that I wanted without the headache.

Over the years of relaxing my hair, something happened. The feeling of joy went away as I began to notice that my hair stopped growing, and the heavy shedding and thinnning of my hair. At first, my hair was growing longer with the relaxer, and nobody could tell me anything, but now my hair wasn't growing anymore, so I started to hide it by adding extensions and wigs. I immediately became concerned, so I consulted with a licensed hair stylist to see what my other options were. She told me that my hair wasn't growing because it was damaged from the use of the relaxer over the years, and suggested that I try going back to natural. She said..."I know it's going to be a headache, but if you want your hair to grow back, I'm going to have to cut it, and you're going to have to start all over again if you want your hair to grow back". I took her advice, cut it all off, and decided to let my hair grow into its natural state.

Of course, when you have natural hair, it's best to use natural hair care products. It's best to stay away from any hair care products that contain chemicals, or you'll be right back to square one. It is strongly recommended that you read the label on the products that you choose to make sure that they're 100% organic/natural ingredients. Oh! and don't forget to make sure that you use shampoo and conditioner that do not contain sulfates-which can be very harmful to your scalp and hair. It's been two years since I've had that bad experience of using a relaxer on my hair, and my hair has grown back longer and thicker than before. I am so amazed with my hair growth results after using Beautifull Gro hair growth products. I finally got my 4C hair back and I'm proud of it! I am never doing that to myself again. Bye Bye chemicals! If you're curious to know about the best Natural hair growth products to use to regrow your hair naturally, here is the link:

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