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Hair Loss: Rebuild Your Confidence after Chemotherapy

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

By: Habakkuk Cooper,, CEO/Owner of Beautifull Gro

Dealing with the disease of Cancer is one thing, but to lose your hair with the series of Chemotherapy treatments and Hair loss is another fighting battle within itself. I know it's a lot! But it's not the end of the world. The Good News is: You Can Come Back from Hair Loss & Grow your hair back better than before! The better news is: You don't have to fight alone. My goal is to not only give you some great health tips on how to beat Cancer, but to grow back your hair at the same time. First tip is to stay positive and surrounding yourself with positive energy. Manifesting your life, Keeping the faith and Self -care are essential keys to overcoming any battles.

Let's talk about your surroundings: You're already fighting a battle, so who needs additional "stuff" to add on to their already challenging life? Let me answer that for you...NO ONE! If there are people in your life who seeming and constantly give off negative energy, GET RID OF THEM NOW! And only allow positive people into your circle who will love, care and support you. Be sure that you are keeping a positive mindset as much as possible because you need to believe that this battle will be ending soon, Because it will!

Manifesting Your Life: "You are What You Attract". Manifestation begins with and ends with YOU! Purchase a journal in order to attract to you what you desire in life, whether it's better health, Wealth, Peace/happiness, A New Home or Car, or Getting Your Hair back. I purchased a journal that I would like to share with You. It's called: Project 369: The Key to the Universe by Nikola Tesla. This was one of the best decisions that I made in my life!

Practice Self Care: "Your Health is Wealth". I will take herbal remedies over modern day remedies any day of the week! I have learned that you have to trust your own God given instincts, for man (physicians) are humans and can make mistakes; however, if you're in tuned with your own body, then that makes you an expert as well. You should research herbal/natural remedies that can help with your health issues. Here are some Cancer fighting herbs:

  1. Wheat Grass Powder-High in antioxidants. Helps to Kill cancer cells

  2. Tumeric-A natural spice that inhibits the growth of cancer cells (pepper enhances to super activate the tumeric)

  3. Ginger: Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that protects against cancer

  4. Cayenne Pepper: Has been known to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells (Is very toxic to cancer cells)

  5. Oregano: filled with antioxidants while slowing down the growth of cancer growth and kills cancer cells.

  6. Garlic: Has been known to be the most powerful anti-cancer herb

  7. ***Neem Leaf: A Pure form of protein that Aids in Cancer treatment by slowing down the growth of tumor cells. This protein modulates the immune cells that are present in the cancer environment and blood, and as a result, it restricts the further growth of the tumor inside of the body.

Bonus: How to Get Your Hair Back and Kick Hair loss out of your Life for Good!: Check out We specialize in Hair loss treatments as well as Hair thinning. Beautifull Gro strongly supports Cancer Awareness and Women empowerment. Our products are created with 100% Natural Ingredients, Works for all hair types, is very light on the hair and smells Amazing! Our product line consist of:

1. Vegan Stimulating hair growth oil (2 oz & 4 oz)

2. "Alopecia on the Spot" Moisturizing hair growth Creme (2oz & 4 oz)

3. Peppermint & Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Cleanse Sulfate Free Shampoo

4. "Bring My Hair Moisture" Sulfate Free Conditioner

5. Shampoo & Conditioner bundles

Check out this link:

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