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Why is My Hair Thinning? 5 Ways to Thicken your Strands

Raise your hand if you've been experiencing hair thinning? I think that as women, we've all experienced this kind of trauma. I can happen to the best of us! Hair loss has been a trending topic on social media for several years now, but many of us have no idea of what to do about this "thing" that just won't go away no matter what we do. Most times, hair thinning doesn't occur over night; instead, it happens over time when you're not noticing that your hair has left the building. One minute, we're bragging on how healthier our hair is, and the next minute we're having an "OMG!" moment.

Hair thinning can occur from many different reasons:

1. Using too much heat on your hair-which can ultimately cause heat damage

2. Relaxers: Relaxers are used to break down the compound of your hair strands-causing permanent damage to the hair and scalp. Because relaxers are made up of chemicals, it can weaken the hair strands-causing them to become thinner and thinner. I know many of you who use relaxers and have used relaxers for years don't want to hear this, but as a previous Natural Hair Care stylist of over 12 years, I'm telling you that it's true! Your hair may appear to have no damage now, but over the years, you may see some consequences.

3. Using Hair dyes: Hair dyes also contain chemicals which can, overtime, and possibly quicker begin to weaken the hair strands. I recommend using Organic Henna instead.

4. Your diet: Not drinking enough water, Not incorporating enough fruits and vegetables and exercise can cause hair thinning. Water is an essential component is hair growth. Just think of it this way...If you don't water a plant, does it grow? The answer is No. The leaves weaken, thins out and then eventually dies. Please drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Your body and your hair can suffer if you don't. Fruits and vegetables provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed for your hair to become and stay healthy. Add fruits that are high in vitamin c such as oranges, strawberries, blueberries; green leafy vegetables, avocados and nuts to your diet, and you will begin to see a reduction in hair breakage and hair thinning. Without vitamins and minerals to feed your hair, guess what? Your hair will say, didn't feed me, so I'm out of here! Lastly, exercise is important because it increases blood flow to the scalp. So if you're laying in the bed right now eating Chips, I suggest that you get up and do some jumping jacks or take a brisk walk or run in your neighborhood.

5. You're using Hair products that contain chemicals: All I can say is stop it. Start using hair products that are 100% organic/Natural. Not half Natural and Half Chemicals...100% Natural ingredients. Beautifull Gro has some Awesome 100% Organic hair growth products that you can find on:

Now that we've gotten the bad stuff out of the way, Let's get to the good stuff of 5 ways to combat hair thinning:

  1. Go Natural: By transitioning from Relaxed Hair to Natural hair is a win win! By going natural, your hair strands become more resistant to breakage and thinning. It helps your hair to become thicker, longer and healthier faster. If you decide to go natural (without cutting your hair), it may take anywhere between several months to a year depending on your hair or you can just cut all of your hair off and start all over with a new do and a new attitude.

  2. Use Chebe Powder: Chebe Powder is an African tradition that has been around for centuries. The powder helps to retain/locks in hair moisture, reduces hair breakage; helps to retain hair length, and thickens the hair. It's your hair's best friend!

  3. Hair Masks: Using hair masks every 4-6 weeks with natural ingredients are an excellent way of preventing and correcting hair thinning and hair loss. I like DIY's because you know exactly what's in your mixture. I recommend that you use avocado, at least two organic hair growing oils, egg yolk, chebe powder and whatever other ingredient that your hair takes well to. Blend it up, and Wala! You've got a healthy hair mask.

  4. Shea butter: Shea butter(unrefined) can help to treat scalp conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and other inflammatory or bacterial issues that can cause hair thinning or hair loss. By treating the "root" of the problem, you can stop or even reverse hair loss or hair thinning conditions.

  5. Organic hair products: As I have mentioned above...Using natural products are essential for healthy hair growing. With the right products and proper use, your thinning hair can become a thickened success. Let's not forget that using the right Natural hair products for your hair can also reverse hair loss issues (except for genetic hair loss or permanent hair loss conditions as deemed by a professional). Again, you can find these excellent natural hair growth products at:

If you want to know more about transitioning to Natural hair or if you have Natural hair and want to read about some great information on managing your hair, I recommend going to: Happy Hair Growing!

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