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2 oz Wake Up Beautiful! 100% Vegan Coffee & Oatmeal Clay Face Mask

This Face Clay mask provides a skin smoothing, energetic and refreshing feel to the face

  •  Made with 100% coffee beans, 100% Whole oats, Cocoa powder, almond milk and macadamia nut oil
  •  it's  completely vegan and cruelty free!  With it's great source of nutrients and antioxidants 
  • clay/mud mask contains anti-aging benefits
  •  gets rid of puffy eyes
  •  contains Vitamin B-3 to protect from skin cancer
  •  Reduces dark circles
  •  produces calming effects to the skin
  •   acne treatment
  •  remove dead skin cells
  •  removes dirt and oil that clog pores
  •  exfoliates the skin
  •  Great for sensitive skin ! 
  • 2 oz 

2 oz Wake Up Beautiful! 100% Vegan Coffee & Oatmeal Clay Face Mask

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Vegan Face Clay Mask
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  • Directions: Wet entire face, then apply mask to face and rub in a circular motion. Leave on face for at least 10-15 minutes (or longer if desire) before rinsing off. Apply mask at least 3 x's a week for best results. Due to the contents in this face mask product (specifically Almond Milk), it is HIGHLY recommended that you use the product as directed (3 x's/weekly), and that it is to be store product in an area that is room temperature or cool.  Please do not store product in a warm climate/area where mold can easily be obtained. Product shelf life is approximately 3-4 weeks from the time of delivery. Please close lid tightly after each use to avoid unwanted issues.

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