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Whoa! I Have a Damn Hole in My Head! #hairloss #hairlosssolution #alopecia #womenhairloss

Did you Know that Hair loss is very common in African American women? And that nearly 50% of Black women experience some type of hair loss in the form of Alopecia? Although these issues are quietly discussed, it still exists. Why is this happening? It happens when we repeat the process of snatching, pulling, tugging, gluing, tightening the hair strands, which in return applies pressure to the scalp and hair strands. Additionally, the frequent use of applying heat, chemical relaxers and weaves can cause extreme hair breakage. Over time, this type of pressure turns into broken peices of hair, which ultimately leads to balding in the crown or sides.

As women, we perceive our hair as our "crowns"; therefore, in losing parts of our hair, we're losing a part of our crown. Most of us have noticed that our crowns are broken, and therefore we become broken women. Yes, I know, it hurts!

There are different types of Alopecia. The most common types of Alopecia is Traction Alopecia: Which is caused by tight hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, hair extensions, weaves, and or braids. This repeated tension can cause inflammation of the hair follicles, and cause permanent damage to the scalp. Why didn't I see this coming earlier? The damage is not immediate, but is gradual over time, and begins with small holes in or around the middle, sides or back of the head. And YES! It is self-inflicted...Sorry! You did this to yourself.

How can we fix this?

A. Stop using products with chemicals in it (i.e. relaxers, hair care products). Start using chemical free/Natural/Sulfate Free hair products. Duh! Use Beautifull Gro hair growth products ( We specialize in treating women hair loss and hair thinning.

B. Reduce the amout of heat that you're using on your hair: Straightening combs, Flat Irons, Blow Dryers on High Heat, etc.

C. Let your hair be FREE: Stop smothering your hair every day with glued down wigs, weaves, and be easy on the braids (I know they're cute and convenient, but lay off a little bit okay?).

D. Keep your Scalp and Hair Healthy: Eat plenty of Fruits that are packed with Vitamin C

(i.e. strawberries, blueberries). Green Vegetables (i.e. Spinach, Kale, Avocados); Healthy fats & Protein: Nuts, Seeds, Salmon, Eggs.

E. Take B Vitamins: These vitamins are excellent for hair growth because it helps to create the red blood cells in your body which carries the nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles. You can also get these vitamins in almonds, fish, seafood and dark leafy greens.

F. Vitamin D: If you are lacking Vitamin D, this could lead to Alopecia. Please make sure that you're getting enough vitamin D. As a part of your yearly physicals, get your levels of Vitamin D checked please!

G. Iron: Make sure that your Iron levels are Up! Iron is a very important mineral for hair growth because it helps the red blood cells to carry oxygen to your scalp.

H. Zinc: Zinc can help repair the damaged tissue of your scalp after you develop Alopecia. Studies show that Low zinc levels are related to hair loss.

I. Biotin: Bitoin helps to stimulate the Keratin reproduction in the hair, which can lead to faster hair growth.

J. Jamaican Black Castor oil: Aids in Moisturizing, strengthening and thickening hair strands, and promotes rapid hair growth (This is one of the amazing ingredients in our 5 star stimulating hair growth oil).

K. Go Natural!

***Happy Hair Growing! Good Luck and God Bless!

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